Refurbished robots, robot spare parts and robot service

Are you looking for a stable, fair and solid partner in A-brand refurbished industrial robots, robot spare parts and / or robot service? Do you prefer doing business with a source and not a re-seller? Do you want to start robotization but don’t know where to start? Then we like to help you. It’s our daily business since 2002.

Team IRS Robotics® is one of the world’s largest suppliers of A-brand refurbished industrial robots, in everyday speech also known as: used, second hand or refurbished robots. In addition, IRS supplies robot spare parts and independent robot service on robots of the brands ABB, Fanuc and Kuka. Another core of activities is providing independent advice and robot training. We also buy robots. Interested? Read more about us or watch the video beside for a first impression.


Robot Service Benelux

In addition to the supply of refurbished used robots, robot service is the other main activity of IRS Robotics. If you want professional, pragmatic, affordable and independent maintenance of your ABB, Fanuc and / or KUKA robot, please contact us. No fixed contracts so you are nowhere bound, no call-out costs,  advantageous hourly rates, practical and most importantly: independent. In addition to the many SME’s, IRS Robotics also enjoys the confidence of some multinationals and even some robot manufacturers. For example, IRS Robotics is the robot service certified partner of Yaskawa Benelux since 2012.

Do you want our Robot Service offer? Do you have a pending contract elsewhere and do you want to know how we can cooperate now or in the future? Send us a message and we will send you our offer. Read more about it!


IRS makes robotization possible and affordable for all market segments

All our robots are re-programmable and therefore they can be used again for doing other tasks. The core of our business is mainly in the following market segments: packaging industry, poultry sector, food, metal processing, automotive industry, welding industry, mass production, process industry, construction, architecture, paper industry, foundries, foundry, multimedia, baking industry (bakery ) and assembly industry. Our robots can be used for palletizing, pick-and-place, cutting, sawing, polishing, welding, finishing, gluing, handling, milling, 3D-milling, CADCAM-milling etc.

In other words: our robots can be used in every possible sector! Check our robot stock.


IRS Robotics truck with refurbished robots

Robot Spare Parts

A robot defect or robot component defect is always a bad timing, not to mention all the costs being involved. IRS Robotics has over a thousand refurbished and/or used robot parts in stock so we can usually be of service quickly and cost-effectively. If we do not have the part in stock, IRS can supply the part at factory prices in general. IRS Robotics also supplies alternative robot spare parts. These parts are qualitatively equivalent to the original article, but can be delivered faster and less expensive. Think of batteries, teachpendant cables, LCD-screens, touchscreens, joysticks, etc.

In addition, there is the possibility to repair some robot parts. Think about ABB teachpendant units (joysticks, touchscreens, keypaths, cabling).

Read more about it!

Robot training and advice

If you purchase an IRS refurbished robot from us or if you would like maintenance to be carried out by IRS, we can provide you with practice-oriented interactive custom-made (ie client specific) training in the field of ABB, Fanuc, Kuka and Yaskawa robotics. We can teach you required basic knowledge about the robot, robot programming and practical robot implementation. Our trainings are mostly focused on your specific robot and / or application, but a general training course is also possible. Read more about it!

Maintenance, Training & Advice