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Grip on Quality

At IRS, we understand robotics. With more than two decades of experience, we have transformed ourselves from the former LG.Philips Displays Machinery Factory to a global force in industrial robotics.

Our offering is not only the supply of IRS refurbished® robots but also an extensive range of in-house IRS services. Services that help us get and keep a grip on the quality and delivery time of your robots. No one-trick pony. No outsourcing. Not just interested in selling without further consideration for the clients’ needs or after-sales service. That’s why we keep all the links of the robot chain firmly in our own hands.

Experience and Expertise

With years of robot knowledge and experience in practical situations, IRS Robotics is more than just a supplier. It sounds cliché, but looking beyond the simple purchase together prevents surprises later, to say the least. We share our insights, prevent “Do It Yourself” missteps, and offer comprehensive service.

Durability and Quality

When you choose an IRS refurbished® robot, you are not only choosing quality but also durability. Our robots are carefully selected and refurbished according to strict internal protocols. And are then put back in business with our warranty. With robot premium brands ABB, FANUC, KUKA, and YASKAWA, there is a wide choice of brands. That’s a solid foundation for performance and reliability, worldwide.

Did you know that we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the do’s and don’ts of robotics?

Experience. Trustworthy. Integrity in business. Buying a robot is easy. But it can be challenging to see the big picture and have a comprehensive overview from a higher-level perspective. Especially if you do not have the necessary insight and expertise. Ensure that you have a strong partner by your side, rather than just a salesperson. Someone who collaborates with you and can provide extensive in-house services.

The icing on the cake? By opting for an IRS refurbished® robot, you are not only making a cost-effective decision but also contributing to the Circular Economy and protecting the environment. Your choice has a real positive impact, and you can take pride in it.

Our extensive selection of in-house robots is at your disposal. Want to discover the power of IRS Robotics? Get in touch with us.

IRS Robotics IRS Robotics

IRS makes robotization possible and affordable for all market segments

You may already have noticed. Whenever we talk about a refurbished robot, we refer to it as an IRS Robotics® refurbished robot. Why do we do that?

The answer is surprisingly simple. There is no standard. And there is no seal of approval for refurbished robots. Your search yields two identical-looking robots that differ only in price. But of course, price difference goes hand-in-hand with quality. Or more precisely, the attention and skill that has gone into restoring the robot to its original state as much as possible. Not to mention the presence or absence of a functioning warranty and service department.

This is why we decided to put our own standard on the market so you can be sure of your purchase. We call it a “safe buy”. Robots are not rocket science. You can trust us on that. However, the proper functioning of a robot depends on many factors. There’s no way to tell the quality of those outside the robot.

IRS robots then re-enter the packaging, poultry, food, metal processing, automotive, welding, mass production, process industry, construction, architecture, paper industry, foundries, foundry, multimedia, baking, and assembly industries. Think palletizing, pick-and-place, cutting, sawing, polishing, welding, finishing, gluing, handling, 3D milling and printing.

In short, IRS Robotics® Refurbished Robots can be used in every industry.

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IRS Robot Spare Parts IRS Robot Spare Parts

Robot Spare Parts

A breakdown of a robot or robot part is never convenient. Not to mention the cost! Fortunately, we have 1000+ robot parts in stock. This allows us to serve you quickly and inexpensively.

And in the rare case, we don’t have it in stock? We can deliver it new in most cases. Often at factory prices.

IRS Robotics also supplies alternative robot spare parts. Think of robot batteries, teach pendant cables, touchscreens, joysticks, and more. These are 100% equivalent in quality to the “original,” but available and delivered faster, at a lower price.

In addition, the industry must keep up with the rapid growth in circular business concerning product lifecycle. We are exploring the possibility of repair or revision for more and more parts. For instance, teach pendant units. A relatively vulnerable part that we can repair on an increasingly wider scale. We can create a win-win situation and both make your expenses lower and look after a slightly greener world.

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IRS Robot Service IRS Robotics

Robot Service in the Benelux

Would you like professional, affordable, and independent maintenance on your industrial robot? That’s convenient because Robot Service is the third main activity of IRS Robotics.

You will get IRS Robotics professionalism without any fixed contracts. Your robot is yours, so you determine the service level with us. Our engineers will look at the use of the robot and go beyond the manual. What kind of environment is the robot working in? How hard does it have to work? And for how long, 24/7 or just a few hours weekly? Maybe you doubt maintenance is needed annually? The IRS Service Team takes on an advisory role. We will investigate and work through all these concerns together.

No sky-high call-out charges, exorbitant hourly rates, or needless maintenance. Instead, we offer attractive hourly rates and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for your robot(s).

In addition to multinationals and SMEs, we also enjoy the trust of some robot manufacturers. For example, we have been an Official Certified Service Partner of YASKAWA Benelux since 2012.

Want to explore what we can do for you? Or maybe you have an ongoing contract elsewhere and want to know how we can work together now or in the future?
Feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: We can’t take any and every robot under our wing.
Reach out and we’ll take a look!

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IRS Robotics IRS robottraining en robotadvies

Robot training and robot advice

Are you the proud owner of one or more IRS refurbished robots? Or do we provide robot service to your company? If so, we can provide practice-oriented interactive robot training for your company.

We can do this at your location or in our Experience Center in Weert. Think of basic robot knowledge, robot programming, and insight into practical robot implementation. A much-requested training is to upgrade the robot knowledge of your Technical Service or production personnel.

Just think of how many malfunctions can then possibly be solved over the phone.
In our experience? About 50%.
That not only saves you costs, but also a lot of precious production time.

In the worst-case scenario, the problem can be better communicated to our engineers, and we can resolve your issue faster and for less cost as we don’t have to
1) Come to investigate what is happening/broken,
2) Go back and pick up the necessary tools, equipment, and/or parts.

Sounds like a good investment?
Read more below, or contact us to see what we can do for you.

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