Robot Spare Parts

Fast and affordable

Robot Spare Parts

Fast and affordable

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Optimal Robot Uptime: Speed in spare parts delivery

An unexpected defect in a robot can be costly. It often leads to unplanned downtime. At IRS Robotics we understand the importance of a quick solution to maximize your robot’s uptime.

That is why we have an extensive stock of more than 1000 robot parts and an extensive supplier partner network, with which we can respond quickly and cost-efficiently to your specific needs.

The IRS Spare Parts Team is designed to ensure that you lose as little time as possible in the event of a defect. We understand that time usually equals money. Especially in the industrial sector, where robots play a crucial role. By quickly delivering the necessary parts, we aim to minimize robot downtime. This allows your production process to continue running with minimal downtime.

IRS can go one step further!

Many companies have already achieved success with this approach. Especially if you have several of the same types of robots in your production. To ensure that you always have direct access to your own ‘stock’ of spare parts, IRS also offers ‘donor robots’. These (almost) identical robot(s) will then be on standby at your own location for emergencies.

Whether it concerns the complete replacement of the robot or just a part of the donor robot, it depends on the type of malfunction. But in the event of a defect or malfunction, the required part is simply taken over from the donor robot, making it immediately available. The donor robot can then be replenished at a quiet time, causing only minimal disruption to your production process.

This strategy not only minimizes downtime, but also has two financial benefits.

  • First, you can avoid the higher costs often associated with fast delivery because the donor robot is already operational.
  • Secondly, it is a fact that individual new factory spare parts are often prohibitively expensive. Spare parts are of course a revenue model for OEMs. Compared to the costs of a completely new robot, which contains the same part, sometimes up to 12 times more expensive.


At IRS Robotics we understand that efficiency and cost control are crucial to your business operations. We strive for seamless and cost-effective support of your robot(s).

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you optimize your robot uptime.


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