Circular Economy

Nowadays, much has changed globally. There is a focus on ways
of value creation and especially value retention.

Circular Economy by IRS

It is visible all around us. The existing linear economy is unsustainable. The worldwide excessive use of raw materials creates environmental problems. In a circular economy, the goal is to minimize the use of new raw materials and reduce waste.

Preserving value is central. Products and parts are repaired or reused. If this is not possible, materials are recovered as cleanly as possible.

Governments, industries, and SMEs are taking visible steps to accelerate and scale up this process. As time progresses, it will become increasingly important to consider the circularity of products when making purchasing decisions. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to apply circular strategies to high-value complex products with a long lifespan. Like robots! IRS has been ahead of this process of circularity for years. This is the core of IRS, our raison d’être.

These strategies can be found on the R-ladder, where the higher a method is on the R-ladder, the more resource use it can prevent.

At IRS Robotics, we have applied circular R-strategies for over 20 years, and with success!

What is the R-ladder? Contact us!

IRS operates within the following steps on the R-ladder:

  1. Reuse: We buy, sell, and swap robots and spare parts.
  2. Repair: Through periodic maintenance, we ensure that your robot lasts a long time. If a problem does occur, we will come by for repair.
  3. Refurbishment/remanufacturing: The robots we buy get checked and tested. Then we refurbish them internally, re-test them, and deliver with warranty.
  4. Repurpose: We remove the robots from the discarded machine and give them a new purpose.

In recent years, we have developed protocols to deliver circularly, while maintaining a high standard of quality. This is why we proudly carry our own “Circular Economy” brand on our robots. We are happy to share the benefits of this with our customers! They can purchase a high-quality robot from us at an attractive price, with a lower environmental impact. Thus, they too can realize their ambitions in sustainable procurement and take the next step towards circularity.

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IRS Robotics: 100% passend in de circulaire economie.
IRS Robotics Circular Economy