The IRS Experience Center / AREA51

Explore the unveiled tech inside the industrial robot!

The IRS Experience Center / AREA51

Explore the unveiled tech inside the industrial robot!

IRS Robotics IRS Experience Center

Welcome to the IRS Experience Centre!

From the outside, they look streamlined. Those industrial robots. But internally, they are a spaghetti of wires, gears, motors, grease, oil, electronics, and circuit boards. To a layman, it looks like one big confusing mess. Wouldn’t it be valuable to unravel and better understand the robot’s anatomy?

Get to know the inside of the industrial robot at our Experience Centre (also known as Area51 for IRS employees). Sound lugubrious? It certainly isn’t. Our compact and engaging center is here to give you a deeper understanding of the world of industrial robots. That is our goal.

In our Area51, we offer visitors the chance to look beyond the robot’s exterior, especially in relation to used and refurbished robots. After your visit, you will go home with a smile, valuable insights, and a wealth of new knowledge.

Cold feet about robotics?

Not necessary, but understandable. That is why we strive to create an inviting environment that removes cold feet about robotics and answers questions. Dive into the world of robotics without hesitation. Robotics is not rocket science or higher mathematics, but it is a very close-listening interplay of proven technologies. That is the conclusion after every visit!

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Knowledge is king

Upon your visit to IRS, we offer you this above educational session for free. Just to make you more familiar with the basic principles and internals of the industrial robot. From experienced robot veterans to absolute beginners, everyone will leave the Experience Center with new knowledge and experience.

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