Why IRS Robotics?

Why choosing IRS makes all the difference.

Why IRS Robotics?

Why choosing IRS makes all the difference.

IRS Robotics IRS Robotics

The world of refurbished robots: a crash course…

IRS Robotics has made a name for itself with both SMEs and multinationals. Quality refurbished robots, including warranty, cost on average between 1/3rd and 1/5th of the new price. However, the term “refurbished/used robot” is extremely broad. This is the pitfall that is often overlooked when purchasing. There are countless differences and gradations to be found on the market.

A simple example: What is the condition of the robot’s backlash, repeatability, and accuracy? What about the condition of the controller and mechanics? Even a relatively new robot with limited operating hours may have been exposed to situations such as overloading, drop damage during transport, or improper programming that could affect its performance.

Either way, the difference between a “used/refurbished robot” and an IRS Robotics® refurbished robot can be significant. We eliminate that risk.

What matters about a robot besides functionality is TCO. Or the Total Cost of Ownership. In other words: what does a robot cost, not only in purchase but also in the long term? A good robot is essential, but also robot service, training, advice, and, of course, cost-effective solutions for spare parts. IRS Robotics meets these basic TCO needs through various forms of cooperation.

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Why buy an IRS refurbished® robot?

IRS Robotics has been one of the pioneers of the global sustainable international refurbished robot market for over 20 years. The origins of IRS lie in the robot expertise of Philips’ machine factories. Robots acquired by IRS are screened, tested, and refurbished in-house. However, our commitment goes beyond just your satisfaction and providing safe robots. We value upholding the image of the robot brand, which is why we do not return any robots to the market in poor condition. So we also scrap a lot of robots that are unsafe and/or worn out and thus do not pass our tests.

At IRS, you not only buy a robot with a warranty, but you also realize your robot automation project with a faster Return on Investment (ROI) compared to a new robot. Moreover, you can have your robot(s) maintained by IRS and participate in robotics training. So you are not only investing in quality and reliability but also in cooperation and service. A world of difference compared to a standard purchase.

We not only serve SMEs but also supply system integrators, multinationals, and even robot manufacturers such as YASKAWA are part of our customers and partners. IRS Robotics® is an officially registered trademark for a reason.

Using our own extensive inventory, we sustainably return hundreds of robots to the world market every year.

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IRS Robotics IRS Robotics

Why Robot Service through IRS?

IRS Robotics performs Robot Service on industrial 6-axis robots, 4-axis robots (palletizers), and the ABB Flexpicker/Delta pickers. Robot Service means: solving robot malfunctions and (periodic) robot maintenance of ABB, FANUC, KUKA, and YASKAWA-Motoman robots. Robot Service we do for end customers as well as System Integrators and even on behalf of some robot manufacturers. Being partner of a manufacturer is based on trust and proven services. IRS Robotics is for example, in the field of Robot Service, since 2012 an Official Certified Partner of the robot brand Yaskawa.

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Why Robot Spare Parts through IRS?

IRS delivers new spare parts at competitive prices and with factory warranty. Our used and refurbished spare parts also come with a standard warranty. IRS Robotics also supplies a series of very popular alternative new robot spare parts. These parts are qualitatively equivalent to the original article but can be delivered faster and are of course cheaper.

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IRS Robot Service IRS Robotics

Partnership for System Integrators (SI): Partnering with IRS Robotics.

As a robot system integrator, you can also quote an IRS Robotics® refurbished robot instead of a new robot to your customer. This, of course, significantly increases the order scoring chance. Because IRS Robotics does not build machines itself and is therefore not a System Integrator, IRS is not the “silent competitor” with a double motive. There is no conflict of interest as is often the case but rather complementarity, cooperation, and open advice.

You can therefore feel free to visit IRS with your client to view robots. Do you want to supply the machine but not the service? On behalf of your company, IRS Robotics can discreetly carry out the maintenance and service of the robot(s) at your client’s location, if desired.

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