Our Comprehensive Services: Maintenance, Personalized Consulting and Training

Our Comprehensive Services: Maintenance, Personalized Consulting and Training

Periodic and corrective robot maintenance – Benelux region

Eventually, every appliance breaks down at some point. Fortunately, you can postpone this by periodic robot maintenance, which can save you from really high costs and prolong the life span.

From experience, IRS Robotics recommends having proper maintenance and inspection performed on your robots at least annually. Or as much earlier as necessary, because location and intensity of use naturally influence this. We think along with your situation and create a customized maintenance plan.

And if something does go wrong? With one of our robots or someone else’s? Then we will be with you as soon as possible because we realize how drastic this can be.

Are your robots working in Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg and would you like to know what IRS Robotics can do for your robots (and wallet)?

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Consultancy in robotics

You want to start robotization, but don’t know how? What are actually the capabilities of such a device? What are the pitfalls at, and after, the purchase? What are the total costs of ownership (TCO)?

We are not machine builders or system integrators, but these types of questions come to us almost daily. Thanks to its decades of experience, IRS Robotics has gained an incredible amount of knowledge, not just from books. Because we are proud to offer our services independently, we would like to share this knowledge with you in that same independent way.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us, we always work it out together.

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IRS Robot Training IRS robottraining en robotadvies

Robot training

Does your company currently have one or more IRS Refurbished® Robots in use? Are you considering purchasing one? Or are you already using or planning to use robot maintenance services from IRS?

If any of the above is true, we have an excellent opportunity for you. Namely, we offer hands-on, interactive, customized training on ABB, Fanuc, and Yaskawa robotics (KUKA is negotiable) for your company or yourself. This training can include robot knowledge, upgrading your technical department with robot knowledge, robot programming, and practical implementation of robots.

Our pieces of training are always customized to your specific robot and/or application. This practical robotics training can be given individually or for a group, either at your location or at IRS Robotics in Weert. After the training has been brought to a successful conclusion, each participant receives an official IRS training certificate!

Make use of our extensive experience and knowledge, under the personal guidance of one of our experts. Contact us and discover our offer.

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