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150 kg
2.5 m

ABB IRB 6400R-2.5/150 M2000 S4C+

Available in our stock as a Refurbished robot.

Description of the robot:

IRB 6400 is a 6-axis industrial robot, designed specifically for manufacturing industries that use flexible robot-based automation. The robot has an open structure that is specially adapted for flexible use and can communicate extensively with external systems. The ABB IRB 6400 is one of the most installed robots in the world. They have been used by most of the major automotive manufacturers for nearly 15 years. They have an excellent reputation for reliability and capability and as such are the industry standard. It is modular in construction and as standard, the 6400 has a 120kg capacity and 2.4m reach but there are several types available with capacities of up to 150kg and reach up to 3.0m. The 6400R is the latest revision of this arm. It should be noted that the arm is also very rugged and is less vulnerable to damage than many of its competitors.