Robot Service

IRS Robot Service consists of:

Periodic and corrective robot maintenance

Experience shows that periodic robot maintenance leads to high cost savings such as lowering (relatively more expensive) corrective interventions and extending the lifespan of the robot. That is why IRS Robotics advises to carry out robot maintenance at least annually or as early as necessary depending on location and intensity of use. If you would like to know what IRS Robotics can do for your robots and stock market, read more and contact us to receive our standard offer.

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Robot training

If you purchase an IRS refurbished robot or if you would like maintenance to be carried out by IRS, we can provide you with practice-oriented interactive custom-made (ie client specific) training in the field of ABB, Fanuc and Yaskawa robotics. Training in KUKA is also possible, in consultation. Think of knowledge about the robot, robot programming and practical robot implementation. Our training courses are always adapted to your specific robot and / or application. These practical robotics training sessions can be given individually or for a maximum group of 2 to 3 persons at your location or at IRS Robotics in Weert.

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Advice in robotics

You want to start with robotization but do not know how? What are the possibilities and also: what are pitfalls? What are the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)? IRS Robotics is not a machine builder (a so called Robot System Integrator) but these kinds of questions come to the table almost every day at IRS. IRS Robotics is independent and we want to share our years of experience in robotics with you in an independent manner.

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