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IRS Robotics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of A-brand refurbished robots (also known as: used, second hand or experienced robots). These A-brands are ABB, Fanuc, Kuka and Yaskawa.

A ‘used robot’ is a general concept but there are many gradations. There is a big difference between the term ‘used robot’ and an IRS refurbished robot. Robots that are purchased by IRS are screened, tested, refurbished in-house and will always be delivered under our warranty. We deliver hundreds of robots a year. However, we do not only want just you to be satisfied but we also want to respect the robot brand by not putting any robots back on the market in bad condition.

On average, between 500 and 1000 robots are in stock and many robots are put back on the world market through IRS in a sustainable way. Quite some robots that are unsafe or too worn are being demolished by us. They simply do not pass our tests. All robots come standard with our warranty. We know all ins and outs!

A robot is all about TCO. The Total Cost of Ownership. In other words: what does a robot cost, not only the initial costs but in the longer term as well. Essentially you need a good robot, pragmatic service, training and advice and, of course, cost-effective solutions for spare parts. IRS Robotics meets all these TCO basic needs.

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