A ‘used robot’ versus an IRS refurbished robot

IRS refurbished robots are commonplace for SME’s and multinationals. It is a sustainable product and a good refurbished robot including warranty costs on average between 1/3rd and 1/5th of the new price. However, a ‘used robot’ is a broad concept. There are quite a few differences and gradations. There is therefore a difference between a ‘used robot’ and an IRS Robotics® refurbished robot.

Beside a robot’s functionality it is all about TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). In other words: what does a robot cost, not only in initial purchase but also in the longer term. Essential are a good robot, pragmatic service, training and advice and, of course, cost-effective solutions for spare parts. IRS Robotics provides these TCO basic needs through various forms of cooperation.

Why an IRS refurbished robot?

IRS Robotics is a pioneer of the sustainable international refurbished robot market. IRS was founded in 2002. The origin of IRS Robotics is the robot expertise of the former Philips machinery factories. Robots purchased by IRS are screened, tested and refurbished in-house. But we do not just want you to be happy and buy a safe robot, we also want to respect the robot brand itself. How? By not putting any robots back on the market in a bad condition. Quite some robots that are unsafe or too worn do not pass our tests and therefore will be dismantled. We know all ins and outs!

In addition, at IRS you buy a robot with a warranty and you will realize your robot automation project with a faster ROI (Return on Investment) compared to a new robot. You can also have the robot serviced by IRS and follow a training in robotics. You therefore not only purchase quality, reliability but also cooperation and service. That is why IRS Robotics® is an officially registrated trademark. In addition to SMEs, we also supply system integrators, multinationals and even robot manufacturers.

On average there are between 500 and 1000 robots in stock and between 300 and 600 robots are put back on the market worldwide through IRS per year.

Why Robot Service through IRS?

IRS Robotics performs Robot Service on industrial 6-axis robots, 4-axis robots (palletizers) and the ABB Flexpicker / Delta picker. Robot Service means: solving robot failures and (periodic) robot maintenance from ABB, Fanuc, Kuka and Yaskawa-Motoman robots. We do Robot Service for end customers as well as for System Integrators and even on behalf of several high-end robot manufacturers. For example, IRS Robotics is an official Certified Partner of Yaskawa since 2012.

Why robot spare parts through IRS?

IRS supplies new spare parts at competitive prices and with factory warranty. But our used and refurbished spare parts also have a standard warranty. IRS Robotics also supplies a series of highly sought-after alternative robot spare parts. These parts are qualitatively equivalent to the original article, but faster and of course more favorable.

IRS as a supplier and partner for System Integrators (SI).

As a robot system integrator, you can also offer an IRS refurbished robot to your customer instead of a new robot. As a result, the chances of obtaining an order will considerably increase of course. Because IRS Robotics itself does not build machines and is therefore not a System Integrator, we are not a silent competitor for SI’s. There is also no question of conflicts of interest but addition and cooperation. Do you want to sell the robot but not the service? On your behalf, IRS Robotics can carry out the maintenance and service of the robot (s) at your customer, if desired.