Consultancy in robotics

Clear guidance for your inquiries

Consultancy in robotics

Clear guidance for your inquiries

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Expert Advice in Robotics

Can I fix that with a robot?“. Or perhaps you are wondering, “What does such a robot cost and what should I look out for?” Or our favorite: “I want to start robotization, but am still looking for guidance and direction…

Do you need clarity in the world of robotics? We have answers. We genuinely enjoy nothing more than answering these kinds of questions. We have even designed our building for it. Do you want to get started with robotics but don’t know how? What are the possibilities and what are the pitfalls? What are the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)?

An honest and independent mission

Our mission is that robotization projects must be successful. Preferably, we strive for a quick payback period and manageable follow-up costs.

Therefore, we are happy to provide you with information before you start. We provide non-binding advice on what you should and especially should not do. IRS Robotics is entirely independent. And we would like to share our years of experience in robotics with you in this independent manner. We do not have a preference for one particular brand. We are not a robot manufacturer or system integrator. That’s what we mean by independence.

A realistic, honest, and practical view. That’s what we’re good at. That’s our profession!

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