Available in our stock as a Refurbished robot.

Description of the robot:

Now available: a just like new YASKAWA MA1900 DX100. This robot smells like new, has extreme low running hours, has never run any production and has been one of our under supervision stock robots since 2011.

The 6-axis MOTOMAN MA1900 has been developed in order to achieve optimal results in extremely diffi cult conditions and especially for the high demands of arc welding applications. With it’s superior wire feed system, the maximum working range of 1,904 mm and integrated media hose package, the 6-axis robot MA1900 signifi cantly improve welding quality. This enables the simple machining of bulky and hard-to-access workpieces. The fast motion sequences reduce welding cycle times. The torch cables are integrated in the robot arm in order to avoid collisions with the workpiece or other robots. This not only ensures greater accessibility to the devices; the reduced torsional and flexural loads on the torch dress package also result in less wear. Additionally, the possible number of robots in the production cells can be increased considerably. Further new features are the integration of the power cable as well as the gas and air connections in the base and an enlarged turning range of more than 360 degrees.


  • Quantity 1
  • Price Contact us for offer
  • Brand YASKAWA
  • Control DX100
  • Capacity 3 kg
  • Reach 1904 mm
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