SANYO CR17450SE-R 3V PLC batteries (WITHOUT current limiting resistor)

SANYO CR17450SE-R 3V PLC battery (without current limiting resistor)

Sanyo CR17450SE-R without protective resistor, two pin JAE connector & two-way flex

For FANUC and other controllers.


Type: Lithium.

Voltage: 3.0 V.

Battery Sanyo CR17450SE-R for Fanuc CNC controls such as 16i, 18i, 21i and Le Blonde 77 CNC router and other programmable logic controllers and industrial computers.
This Sanyo CR17450SE-R Lithium battery does not have a protective resistor. 

– This Sanyo CR17450SE-R with lead and connector but without resistor Lithium one-cell lithium battery is designed for FANUC and Le Blonde programmable logic controllers and industrial computers.

– If your battery has a current limiting resistor, then you probably need another battery.


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