ABB IRB 6650S-3.5/125 M2004 IRC5 (RW6)

Available in our stock as a Refurbished robot.

Description of the robot:


The IRB 6650S is the shelf robot form of the Power Robot family which offers a unique working envelope. It is capable of a full vertical and horizontal stroke motion, as well as an increased forward and downward reach. This combination offers new possibilities to robot functions in numerous application areas.

IRB 6650S is reliable with a high production up time, fast with short cycle times and strong with maximized utilization. Its main applications are machine tending, material handling, spot welding and die casting.

Material Handling
Owing to its longer reach forward and down, when put on an elevated track it can supervise twice as many inlet conveyors with different part sizes as a traditional ceiling mounted or wall mounted track with a 5- or 6-axes robot. When compared with an inverted track and a 5 axes robot, the length of the track for the IRB 6650S can be kept much shorter and thereby simplifying installation and reducing total costs.

Injection Moulding
The IRB 6650S is especially suited for large injection moulding machines over 1,000 tons. The flexibility of the six axis robot facilitates post process applications like flaming and assembly  operations.

Die Casting
The unique working envelope ensures easy access for die spraying as well as part handling. The process cabling is protected within the robot arm system, thus improving the lifetime of the process cabling.

The IRB 6650S offers the possibility to improve robot density in framing stations; the key is to place the robots at different levels. The standard IRB 6700 robot can be mounted at floor level and the IRB 6650S be placed at about 1.5-2m above floor level. By this the standard robots perform spot welding operations at the lower part of the car body and the IRB 6650S of the upper part of the car body. Thus making efficient use of space in the framing cell.

Press Tending
The IRB 6650S can handle extremely large sheets, such as complete car body sides. The working area of the robot makes it possible to retract the robot from the press even with large grippers and parts. High acceleration power is combined with a unique stroke horizontally as well as vertically. This unique combination will shorten cycle times considerably and thereby increase production capacity. The working area below the robot offers an excellent opportunity for fast tool changing of grippers.

LeanID Dress Pack
The IRB 6650S is available with LeanID Dress Pack, an option that improves the possibility with many complex wrist movements and where the need for flexibility in changing products is high.


  • Quantity 1
  • Price Contact for offer
  • Brand ABB
  • Control IRC5
  • Capacity 125 kg
  • Reach 3.5 m
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