ABB IRB 6620-2.2/150 M2004 IRC5

Available in our stock as a Refurbished robot.

Description of the robot:

IRB 6620 is suited for machine tending applications such as Die Casting and Injection Molding, which require minimized extraction time. The main benefit is the huge working range downwards making the robot ideal to mount on top of a machine working downward to save costly floor space. Another benefit in different material handling also saving floor space applications is the IRB 6620 ability to work inverted mounted. In all these configurations the installation will benefit from the very low weight of the robot.
Main Applications: Machine Tending, Material Handling, Spot Welding

The IRB 6600 family includes 8 robot configurations including the IRB 6620 and IRB 6650 models’ different configurations:

Payload Reach Notes
175kg 2.55m IRB 6600
225kg 2.55m IRB 6600
175kg 2.8m IRB 6600
150kg 2.2m IRB 6620
125kg 3.2m IRB 6650
200kg 2.75m IRB6650
125kg 3.5m IRB6650S
200kg 3.0m IRB6650S
  • Quantity 1
  • Price Contact for offer
  • Brand ABB
  • Control IRC5
  • Capacity 150 kg
  • Reach 2.2 m
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